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Final comments on Aryabhatta

ARYABHATTA being the earliest author known to have treated of Algebra among the Hindus, and being likely to be, if not the inventor, the improver, of that analysis, by whom too it was pushed nearly to the whole degree of excellence which it is found to have attained among them; it becomes in an especial manner interesting to investigate further.

ARYABHATTA appears to have had more correct notions of the true explanation of celestial phenomena of his predecessors.

Considering the proficiency of ARYABHATTA in astronomical science, and adverting to the fact of his having written upon Algebra, as well as to the circumstance of his being named by numerous writers as the founder of a sect, or author of a system in astronomy, and being quoted at the head of algebraists, when the commentators of extant treatises have occasion to mention early and original writers on this branch of science, it is not necessary to seek further for a mathematician qualified to have been the great improver of the analytic art, and likely to have been the person, by whom it was carried to the pitch to which it is found to have attained among the Hindus.
Conclusion on Aryabhatta
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